• Products sourced from the best quality natural fibres.

  • Wood plastic composite can be used to make a range of products such as outdoor decking, garden beds, street furniture and fencing.

  • Standalone water treatment which can be used for various industries and applications such as food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical, municipal water treatment facilities, wastewater treatment plants and desalination plants

About Bamtac Products

Bamtac products are new and innovative and benefit the environment by reducing waste and recycling resources. Bamtac products include Natural Fibre Plastic Composite Materials and Water Filtration Equipment. The key benefits for the new innovative materials are strength, durability and cost savings in the long term. The key benefits for the water filtration equipment is a compact, easy to use standalone system to convert raw water to potable or ion free water.

Bamtac environmentally friendly material product range includes:

  • Natural Fibre Plastic Composites and their products
  • Bamtac environmentally friendly equipment includes:

  • Water filtration equipment
  • By choosing Bamtac products, you will get:

  • Innovative products with patented formulation and design with continual investment into research & development
  • Customized products to suit all customer needs
  • Guaranteed quality
  • We are a supplier of Bamtac products based in Australia, with excellent customer service and local support.

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